Commercial and Contract Law

As ES Law Firm, we offer legal consultancy services to many national and international companies in the fields where they need such service. In this regard, we provide legal and technical support in the processes required for companies to carry out their daily activities such as preparing draft board decisions, holding general assembly meetings, obtaining licenses, permits and licenses; provide legal opinions regarding all types of contracts, and support our clients in resolving any legal issues encountered during their activities. In this same regard, our office also provides its clients with up-to-date information about consumer legislation in order to prevent any problems they may encounter with consumers.

Enforcement Law and Follow-Up Procedures

All enforcement processes are handled by our office based on a collection-oriented service approach as well as a disciplined and strict follow-up basis, and the enforcement files of our individual and corporate clients are finalized accordingly.

Competition Law

Our office provides legal consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies and law firms in the field of Competition Law. In Turkey, the regulations and prohibitions related to competition law were adopted by Law on the Protection of Competition numbered 4054. In our country, the legislation and jurisprudence are constantly developing and changing within the framework of harmonization with the European Union acquis and the respective decisions of the European Community Court of Justice. As a law firm, we closely monitor these changes, and offer legal advice, advocacy and representation services to our clients regarding their commercial agreements, deals, and disputes.

Real Estate and Rental Law

Our office provides legal support to its clients, including domestic and foreign investors, about real estate legislation and deals. Our office provides its clients with active support with respect to the performance of land development activities pursuant to commercial, residential, and industrial projects, the drafting of construction contracts in return for a land share, the acquisition, structuring, and restructuring of shopping centers, the implementation of zoning arrangements, the obtaining of construction licenses and permits, and the performance of financial lease as well as sale & release deals.

Family Law

Our office professionally handles consensual and contested actions for divorce, starting from the preparation of property regime contracts applicable to spouses before marriage, and the processes of alimony, custody of joint children, material and moral indemnities, and the liquidation of the properties between spouses in connection with actions for divorce.
Furthermore, we also provide legal services to our clients who wish to manage their heritage and other property sharing processes with their relatives, on the basis of our deep experience in these issues, in the preparation of wills, contracts for renunciation of inheritance, and other contracts that will cover legal relationships in these respects.

Tax and Customs Law

Our office provides legal support to its clients about their businesses’ tax issues and issues which they need. With its experienced staff, our office cooperates actively with its clients to prevent any tax disputes and to resolve any actual disputes.

Administrative Law

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Intellectual Property Law

We supports our clients with our knowledge and experience in the fields of the preparation of license or transfer agreements regarding the protection, utilization, and exploitation of trade secrets, copyrights, ideas, works of art, brands, patents, and designs; the making of trademark registration applications; and the preparation of agreements for transfer of financial rights.
With our lawyers, we provide services to our domestic and international clients regarding the protection of intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents, industrial designs, geographical signs, domain names, and copyrights. 


Our office is ready to provide legal consultancy services with respect to filing and pursuing applications for acquiring Turkish nationality; obtaining stay permits for foreigners; pursuing work permit formalities; and handling other elements of foreignness, and our office provides effective support to our clients for their legal problems in this regard. 

Business law

Our office helps its clients take preventive measures to avoid any employee-employer disputes, along with the preparation of employment contracts based on their business structures and needs. In this regard, our office, which represents both workers and employers and has experience of many actions won in this field, performs all transactions with its expert staff in order to conclude the litigation processes in favour of the clients, including the mediation process.